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Hey I'm Nissa (I also go by Nissquik) 


I'm a queer, half Australian, half Thai gal who loves to Animate. Focusing on 2D Motion Design using After Effects, I also have experience in character animation using 2D, 3D and Stop Motion. 

My skill set also includes; graphic design, storyboarding, script writing, photography, video editing, project management and administration.

I thrive when it comes to brainstorming and collaboration, providing valuable ideas to projects throughout all stages. I take pride in my work and want my  clients to be just as enthused about what I create for them. I have the mindset that animation should be fun and I enjoy fostering a great rapport and creative environment.

My background in administration has given me project management tools vital to my freelance career. I'm able to accurately estimate timelines, set and stick to deadlines, manage multiple tasks and projects at once and most importantly communicate clearly every step of the way. I will quickly prove myself to be reliable. I have a flexible working style where I can be actively involved in the whole animation process, or be trusted to work with little supervision on a given task. Also being a problem solver I will come to you with solutions and options whenever needed. I'm a capable, multi skilled artist and will push my skills and limitations to learn, adapt and deliver high results on any given project.

Let's make something cool!

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