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Hello, I'm Nissa, also known as Nissquik. I'm a passionate animator, embracing my queer identity and my mixed heritage of Australian and Thai roots.

My expertise lies in 2D Motion Design using After Effects, as well as Character Animation encompassing 2D, 3D, and Stop Motion techniques.

Collaboration and brainstorming are where I truly thrive. I bring valuable ideas to the table throughout all stages of a project. I take immense pride in my work and aim to evoke the same level of enthusiasm in my clients. For me, animation is all about fun, and I strive to cultivate a dynamic and creative environment.

As a versatile artist, I constantly push my boundaries to learn, adapt, and deliver exceptional results for every project. My skill set extends beyond animation and includes graphic design, storyboarding, scriptwriting, photography, video editing, project management, and administration.


My background in administration has equipped me with invaluable project management tools that benefit my freelance career. I possess a keen ability to accurately estimate timelines, meet deadlines consistently, juggle multiple tasks and projects simultaneously, and, most importantly, communicate clearly at every step. Whether you prefer my active involvement in the entire animation process or trust me to work independently with minimal supervision, I am adaptable to your needs. As a natural problem solver, I will always provide you with innovative solutions and options when necessary.

So why not embark on an artistic journey with me and see what we can create.

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