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Peach PRC - F U GOODBYE - Lyric Video

Design created by combining and editing existing online assets
Animation by Nissquik
Commissioned by Republic Records

Day For it - Social Post Set

Poster and Asset Design by Noy Inal
Animation and Sound Design by Nissquik

YourShot - Promotional Video

Part Asset Designs, Green Screen and video edit by YourShot Productions
Animation and Part Asset Design by Nissquik

Animated Posters and Social Posts

Bootleg Rascal - Asleep In The Machine - Music Video

2D animated music video created for Bootleg Rascal
I was the head animator, directing the team of animators as well as 2D animating for the video
Director - Dan Hodgson 
Animators - George Battams, Jace Waddell, Jessica Brough, Nissa Roberts

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