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Who is nissquik? black.png

Nissquik is one woman content creation powerhouse.


With skills ranging from Photography to 3D animation she refuses to put herself in a box. With the strong belief  that knowledge across multiple mediums creates a full picture of how to create brand specific content for a wide application of platforms and mediums.


Nissquik is a LGBTQ+ and sex worker safe space. There is no room for discrimination and artistic representation should be enjoyed and experienced by everyone without limitations. Nissquik is ready to create content for everyone, while respecting everyone's boundaries and views.


At the end of the day Nissquik is here to create art and content specific to your needs. And will strive to achieve this through collaboration and understanding of what you want.

Putting an emphasis on FUN!

As the process of creation should be as enjoyable as possible.


What do you want to see?

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