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One of my favourite projects to date is the "F U Goodbye" music video I created for Australian pop icon, Peach PRC. 

I originally created a 30-second lyric video for tik tok, of Peach PRC's song.
The Director of Visual Content and Production from Republic Records, part of Universal Music Group, saw my video and reached out to commission me to make the official lyric video. I was given full creative control, with some minor tweaks, and created this music video that perfectly fits within the Peachverse.

Huge thanks to Emily Simon for commissioning me and being an absolute gem the whole process.

Since then I've gone on to create visuals for live performance, another lyric video, animate cover art and photograph Peach PRC at a live performance at Spilt Milk Festival.

I also created multiple versions of the "F U Goodbye" music video to be used as Live Visuals. These have been used for Peach PRC's Live performances including; Splendour In the Grass - Byron Bay, Australia and British Summer Time - Hyde Park, London.

Spilt Milk Festival Photography

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